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CyberCeramics USA in Orange, CA

  • Dr. Shakibkhoo

    Omnia - 4Y Full Contour Zirconia
    Omnia ML - 4Y ML Full Contour Zirconia
    Omnia UML - 4-5Y ML Full Contour Zirconia
    Katana - 5Y Full Contour Zirconia
    Strata - 3Y Porcelain Layered

  • Dr. Hendifar
    Digital Ceramics

    IPS eMax
    Vita Mark II
    Vita Triluxe Forte
    Vita Enamic

  • Dr. Elihu

    Esthesin ML PMMA

  • Dr. Elihu
    Protective Guards

    H/S Nightguards
    Hard Nightguards
    Soft Nightguards
    Clear Retainers
    Bleaching Trays

  • Dr. Elihu
    Custom Abutments

    Supra - Ti Custom Abutments
    Supra - Zi Hybrid Abutments
    Supra - PMMA Hybrid Temps
    Supra - Zirconia Hybrid Implant Crowns
    Tru - Ti Custom Abutments
    Tru - TLOC Custom Locators
    Tru - All-on-T Custom Multi Unit Abutments

  • Dr. Elihu
    Full Arch Hybrids

    Zirconia Full Arch Hybrid
    Titanium-Supported Zirconia Full Arch Hybrid
    Trilor-Supported Full Arch Hybrid
    Box 7 -Implants Solutions
    Implant Planning
    Surgical Guides

  • Dr. Elihu
    Implants Solutions

    Implant Planning
    Surgical Guides

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CyberCeramics USA Special Offer

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We use the latest CAD/CAM technology to deliver the best solutions.

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